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Jack came home last night.

Things are so much better with him here, 

even if he was in a sour mood when he came in.

Let’s just say that changed quickly. 

*Insert winky face here* 

~A much releived Ianto

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no need to brag jack

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I really hate paper work.

I really hate it.

Usually Jack and I split it 50/50, but with him gone it falls on me.

Honestly, I don’t see why Gwen couldn’t help out with it more. 

It’s not hard, check a few boxes here, sign a name there.

It’s just tedious.

When ever Jack leaves she decides she’s in charge.

I know, I sound like a brat, but I just want some help. 

She’s not even busy now, 

drinking coffee with her feet up.

I should throw something at her. 

I think I will…

This shoe looks nice.


She threw it back. 

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It seems that I have caught a bug.

I can’t remember being sick, even when I was a child.

Gwen likes to pick and say I’m going through Jack-withdraws.

I do miss him. 

Two more days and he’ll be home.

At least I have spike to keep me company. 


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If you’re feeling ugly take solace in the fact that Jack Harkness would still probably hit it

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Calling all Janto Fans!


Go vote for Janto!

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Jack left today. 

Something about an emergency UNIT meeting. 

He said he’d be back in a few days. 

It would be nice if he could share what it was about. 

I hope it’s nothing very serious. 

I will just have to wait and see.